Garnet Glow Tea – Refreshning you always!

Tea – A beverage on which India starts it’s morning…No matter in which region of the country one is, Tea is the most common uniting force all across… We love our cup of Tea and if it is accompanied with Cookies, the love reaches the next level…


Image cc: The Week

Apart from refreshing your mind, teas are also one of the most popular healing agent.. Whether you are tired, having headache or having some other ailment… a cup of tea will always make you feel fresh and healthy. There are lot of brands of Tea available all across, however one of the most recent entrant in the markets is – Garnet Glow Tea


According to Garnet Glow,

” Be it the long meaningful conversations, book reading sessions, or a heavy downpour, there are multitude of such situations that easily become moments-to-remember with a steaming cup of tea. A special blend of tea enlivens every cell of one’s being, and to create such special blends, Garnet Glow is forever committed. “


When I saw the amazing tea variants they have, I immediately fell in love with it. From their aromatic exotic spice teas to teas based on blooming flowers to exotic fruits based teas, each and every tea bag has it’s own tale to tell… And the best part, you can choose your teas according to your need – Water based teas, Milk based teas or flavorful teas. Isn’t it great?


As per my taste buds, I started with 3 of their most popular teas – Garnet Glow Darjeeling Tea, Garnet Glow Jasmine Tea and Garnet Glow Masala Tea. As usual, I prepared them in water only as I love to have water based teas and Voila..What a grand aroma and flavor… As soon as I put my teas to boil, my whole kitchen is filled with exotic aroma … The exotic fragrance, the mindful flavors and the refreshing sip.. It made my day amazing… 🙂


While their Jasmine tea took me to the valley of flowers, the Darjeeling tea took me to the beautiful landscapes of Assam and the Masala tea took me to the mesmerizing spice gardens of Kerala… Each and every flavor had it’s personal aroma and distinguishing flavors… I found the Masala Tea best and Jasmine tea was little more hard for my taste buds…But for the exclusive flower based tea lovers, it surely will do wonders!

The best part is their Personalized Tea plans which one can avail to enjoy the choicest of the flavors every time at the door step..  Check out their complete range of Teas and tempt your taste buds. And yes, to order them do click –


A cup of Tea makes everything better. Isn’t it? 🙂

Disclaimer: This F&B Product Review is powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA. The review is solely on the basis of my feedback though.


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