My Daily – A Balanced Meal Supplement

Today when life mostly revolve around Traffic –> Office –> Traffic, it’s only your body which suffers. Daily long office hours, Hectic schedules, Less family time and Less relaxing time.. Nothing else. Even the regular balanced meal is now replaced by junk food like Pizzas, Burgers, Noodles etc which hamper our body. We tend to skip meals, eat at odd times, drink sugar infused drinks etc. Deep down our hearts we know it’s not right.. But again – Do we have any solution for it? Do we? 



My Daily started as a project to solve the problem of quick, convenient and healthy meals due to our busy urban schedules. As per the team of My Daily Meal – 

” myDaily started as a project to solve the problem of quick, convenient and healthy meals due to our busy urban schedules. As entrepreneurs we ourselves, plus people around us, were struggling to get the right nutrition in the tight schedules everyone was operating in. And very quickly we realized that it is a problem well beyond the start-up world. Almost any working professional in today’s fast paced life has to face this problem multiple times in a week.

That’s when we decided to hack our food. And that too a healthy hack. myDaily is our effort to break food into its fundamental basics and present the most convenient and healthiest nutrition in today’s fast paced life. It is not that we don’t love food, but myDaily is the best option when you are either skipping meals or eating junk due to lack of time. ” 

When I received the product, I was thinking as in what’s having perfect balanced nutrients in the form of drink which really sounded little confusing? But then I decided to give it a try atleast once. I tried Chocolate Flavor which is indeed relaxing for me to hear. 🙂


The first cup and it was amazing. The flavors of chocolates was infused in a perfect way and the near to perfect quantity was sufficient to prepare 4 glasses. And you know the best part – You can combine it with warm water or milk, it’s up to you.


A complete filling meal, it is best for office goers, mountain trekkers and fitness freaks. A easy to handle pack you just need to carry with you and you will have a complete nutrition for your body.

Why myDaily makes a perfect meal replacement for you?

  • A perfectly engineered meal that provides complete nutrition in a drinkable form
  • Prevents meal skipping and junk food consumption
  • Convenient to carry
  • Can be prepared anytime and anywhere in less than a minute
  • Provides proteins, fats, fibers, carbohydrates, minerals and essential vitamins as per Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for Indians
  • Safe for your body



You can order your pack of myDaily at:Amazon

Taste: 3 / 5 || Packaging: 4/5 || Price: 4/4 || Availability: 5/5 || Healthy: 4/5

Disclaimer: This review was done as a part of brand partnerships. The review is completely unbiased and customers are requested to connect directly with the brand for the queries.


P.S – All the images are copyrighted.


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