Paperboat- Drinks and Memories

Memories are the best things in life, I think. ~ Romy Schneider

Hello people! How are you doing? Enjoying the monsoons?


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What? Did I hear – Office hours? Ohh bad!! I simply forgot for few seconds that we are grown ups now and our day starts with rushing out to our cars, munching breakfast, which is mostly simple sandwiches or bread butter, on our way to offices…Pressurizing our minds and backbones throughout the day for some silly presentations, sheets and meetings and then finally coming back to home at night just to prepare for next morning.

Life is so fast these days..and it’s all about hustle bustle of daily packed routines and somewhat better weekends. Amidst all this chaos, there are some bygone moments which often flash in-front of our eyes and make us nostalgic.. no matter we are in office or at home.

Yaad hai wo garmi ki chuttiyaan? Yaad hai wo Nani – Dadi ka pyaar aur wo roj cricket ka tyohar? Wo doston k sang ghumna befikar and wo pados k ped se aam tod k chupna? 🙂 Wo Ma ka pyaar aur wo papa ka laad? 🙂 Kabhi baarish mei doston k sang khelna aur kabhi un chothi chothi kaagaz ki nao ko paani mei tairana… Kuch yaad aaya? 🙂


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No matter how grown up we are those little carefree moments of the past always tickle us and take us down the memory lane…sometimes through seasons, sometimes through food and sometimes through beverages…

When we talk about traditional Indian beverages, our heart smiles for the home-made drinks our grand parents used to prepare – Aam panna (Raw Mango Drink), Aamras ( Mango drink), Kokum , Jaljeera, Panakam etc. Those flavors are incomparable and those healthy non chemical ingredients always made us smile carefree. But now, in today’s era, a big question is – Who is going to prepare it? Do we have time? No… Leave time.. Do we even know the recipe? No… Our parents? Even now they have also given up while making us understand the benefits of home cooked stuff… 😀 But little they know that yes… no matter how busy we are…we really miss our childhood moments. 😦

But there is someone…who understood it..who realized our feelings and who took an initiative to take us back to our beautiful childhood whenever we want…


Paper Boat

drinks and memories

I went to a nearby grocery store one morning last year…Sun was on top and it was really a hot day..I was picking up certain items when I came across a beautifully packed paper bottle of Aam Ras. It was lovely and attracted me instantly… I started exploring it and found the complete range which included – Aam Panna, Jaljeera, Jamun, Rasam, Kokum, Anar and Chilli Guava. They were all packed in cute little paper bottles with different relevant colors… I picked 4-5 flavors and came back to home.


Now it was time to taste… I started with Aam Panna and the very first sip took me to 20 years back… The scorching heats with no electricity yet the days used to be energetic as a passionate grand mom loved to sit at the center of Aangan to prepare various items from seasonal fruits and vegetables… Her various pots use to flaunt the food / beverages which were packed inside..few of the names were Aam Panna, Jaljeera, Aamras, Guavas etc. Wow…the beauty of those days can’t be explained in words…Let me come back to 2016 now.. 🙂


I tasted almost all the flavors and all of them pinched some or other memory in my mind…Another very very unavoidable memory came after having  that fresh Chilli Guava drink, those Fresh green guavas on which we all used to pounce post school hours…The moment school bell rang, the moment we all use to rush out with our bags and the very first destination was that amrood waala, sitting outside our school gates, waiting for us to surround him. Those were lovely days…Isn’t it? 🙂

Paperboat, the way you have connected us back to the bygone days and that too without any technology or the so called corporate jargons… Simply outstanding!


The moment we sip your drinks, the moment we fly to the bygone years… Same divine taste and assurity that it is chemical free, keeps us connected to our roots. These guys have not only taken the initiative to make us nostalgic but have also taken care that all their flavors have some or other nutritional values which keep us healthy. Just like Aam panna helps in fighting with heat, Aamras compiles all the goodness of fresh juicy mangoes and guavas are one of the most vitamin loaded fruit. Easily available on most of the grocery stores, these tiny bottles can be bought through Amazon as well. Available in packs of 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml packaging, these drinks are not only a perfect accompaniment for our lives but also we can gift them to our friends and let them revive their fondest moments…


Available in 12 flavors, these beverages are inspired by the stories which every person has experienced at some point of his / her life. These drinks tell a story.
As they mention on their website:

” A culmination of efforts. Modified through trial and error. Perfected with every passing age. From a king’s royal cook to a soldier’s flask to a peace-offering made by warring clans to a mother conjuring something special for her son’s return to a grand celebration of harvest. Everyone had something to contribute. And it’s their additions (and subtractions) that ultimately made their way into food carts in village fairs.

And while we’ve all experienced the joy of tasting these drinks at these carts at one point or the other, we’ve also experienced the often awful gastronomical aftermath of these little joys.

Our inspiration lies in emulating these tastes and experiences standing tall on a benchmark of hygiene and safety. Getting the good moments out to you while avoiding the unpleasant bits.

So go on ahead, make new memories. We’ll watch your back


Thank you for the beautiful journey to the ages when our only concerns were lost color pencils, latest pencil boxes and bruised knees. Childhood… We miss you!

If you want to revisit your childhood daily – Do visit the Facebook page of Paperboat!

Packaging: 5/5 , Availability: 5/5, Taste: 4/5, Flavors: 4/5, Price: 5/5


I would like to thank Abhishek Agrawal, who is the creative designer and photographer here. 🙂

P.S – The review is done post our association with the brand. All the views are personal.

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