Snalthy – A new revolution!

Often we see people sitting and munching every time. More than food they want snacks.. whether it’s office or it’s home…it’s movie time or it’s a dose before sleep, people want to have some or others eatables in their hands…But have you ever imagined how much calorie it adds to your body? If we go through the medical insights, snacks or munchies add more calories then the regular normal food.

And you know – More calories –> More risk! 

In the 21st century when the world is on the verge of severe health issues, we youngsters are still obsessed with all the fried stuff filled with non-healthy ingredients and love to have them during our Munching Moments. And while we are least bothered about our health… there is someone who wants to look after the same apart from Mom! 🙂

Meet Snalthy – An amazingly lovely brand which is happy to take care of our health while we are busy in munching.


Last week I came across Snalthy through email and when I came to know about it’s delicious offerings, I was flattered.  As a part of Bloggers Review program, I received a complete kit which included-

1.  Spicy Mexican Chips

2. Cocoa Almond Cookies

3.  Caramel Toffee

4.  Mixed Seed Rusk

5. Garlic Crackers

6. Sesame Raisin Bars

The kit was delivered to me within 2 days of ordering and the offerings were droolicious… Can you imagine the feeling of holding an entire range of snacks in your hands and that too healthy snacks? 🙂

Here comes my review for the same:

Taste – All the products were simply the best. They were fat free and eating even a handful at a time was not giving any guilt. All the snacks were baked or roasted, crisp and light. The flavors were amazing. I liked Spicy Mexican Chips and Garlic Crackers the most. Use of healthy flours like Ragi flour, Kambu flour etc makes them extra nutritious. Caramel Toffee and Mixed Seed rusk were other favorites and dipping this Rusk in chai and having it was an experience simply out of the world. 🙂 [Rating – 4 / 5]


Quantity – 1 pack is good for 1 person especially when it is Chips or Rusks. Caramel toffees of course can be shared. Having packs for single serving is literally required as per me as no one wants to share their favorite snacks..and it’s always better to give 1-1 pack to all the friends and family to avoid hussles… 😀     [Rating – 5 / 5]

Cost –  I found Snalthy a good bet over the cost it incurs. If we can buy an unhealthy chips pack for Rs.35 then I am sure shelling out 189 bucks for something healthy and non-fried is better.

Process of Ordering & Delivery – It was a smooth process and  I got the entire kit within 2 days of ordering. The packaging of the products was good however, I would like to highlight that food items requires a very very tidy & smart packaging from courier services as well. Everyone wants their food stuff to be neatly packed which was not justified by the courier services which Snalthy is using. The pack I received was no intact and it was giving a very dirty look at first glance from outside ( i.e the packing used by courier company). I would suggest to instruct the courier guys to deliver the products in the best packaging as it will add value to the brand.
[Rating – 2.5 / 5]

[ Overall Rating – 4 / 5 ] 


Considering Snalthy being one of the very few healthy snacks brand in the market, I am sure people will love it. The multiple varieties of each and every item which it provides is too good and will always let the munchers munch without any guilt.

Order online at –


All the best Snalthy! 🙂


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