Thank You!

Journey started an year back… An unplanned..directionless travel in the world of food, spices, plating, experimenting and tasting… It seemed hectic…It felt tiring but at the same time… it held a promise of making me feel more close to my soul…

366 days into recipe blogging and when I look back to the Day 1 when I started… Gosh was I so so so crazy… 🙂  I remember uploading 3-4 recipes on day 1 itself…I can recall how excited I was that I didn’t even care for the office work and indulged myself in designing this blog whole evening… Gosh.. It was an amazingly beautiful day…

1 year back I was simply a digital marketing professional and a home maker who loved to experiment in kitchen… Krispy Kadhai has given me an identity… Now I proudly say that I am a recipe blogger and a digital marketing professional…Yes I am! People know me and they feel quite comfortable in trying my recipes and pouring their queries through whatsapp, facebook, twitter and what not… And on the other hand… I love to be a part of them … I love answering their every question..their doubts…their confusions… That feeling cannot be explained in words but in short – I LOVE IT!


On this 2nd most beautiful day of my life ( 1st was when ‘we’ got married 🙂 )…I want to thank each one of you who were a part of my struggle in some or other way…You guys motivated me to keep continuing with my passion … If you criticized me, I am thankful to you that you made me more strong…If you felt happy for me, I am thankful to you for keeping the flame burning inside me…If you supported me in my journey…I am because you are there and I know that I can count on you… 🙂

This day is and will be always special for me…


#KrispyKadhai – Celebrating 1 year of love and trust! ❤

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Also do have a glimpse of my journey so far through this beautiful story created by my man Abhishek, for me! 🙂 –




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