Tiramisu – An Italian piece of heaven!

If I say that my family have doubts that I was an Italian in my previous birth,  you guys won’t believe. 🙂 But yes, this is true. I love Italian food, Italian culture, Italian traditions and every damn little thing about Italy. Though I have never been to this beautiful country but it’s in my travel list and I will be visiting there soon – #FingersCrossed! 😀

laura venezia

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In my kitchen, I have tried all the Authentic pizzas, pastas, biscottis and lot many Italian dishes but have never tried Tiramisu and the reason behind this is also very funny. I am not a sweet lover and usually avoid all the sweet stuff but Tiramisu is one such dessert, which I love to the core. Be it 3 am at night or 10 am in the morning I would never say NO to Tiramisu. I love it so much! 🙂 Many a times, I decided to prepare it at home but plans kept changing due to other commitments as for Tiramisu, I want to have a whole ‘ME’ time to prepare without any disturbance as I know I won’t be able to tolerate even the slightest of difference in the authentic flavor. 🙂

Last week, while I was hunting for some bakeries in Gurgaon as we had a get together at home, I came across a Facebook post which said – Prepare authentic tiramisu at home. Out of curiosity, I jumped on to details and found out that there is a new concept launched ‘Chef In A Box’ through which people can select their favorite recipes listed on Chef In A Box website and once they confirm it, they will receive a whole kit of ingredients with written recipe of the desired dish. Following the instructions, people can simply prepare the recipes at home with minimum efforts and maximum output. Isn’t it good to hear? 😀
I too was blown away with the concept and finally decided to put my hands on 2 recipes – My favorite Tipsy Tiramisu and Vegetable Pad Thai


FotorCreated2Please note: This was for the first time that I was going to prepare the long pending dish of Tiramisu at home. If I had to prepare it completely on my own, I would have done that later when I was free, but here when I am getting every authentic ingredient with complete recipe right on my doorstep, why should I delay? Isn’t it? 😀

Now, time for critical feedback on the various pillars.

Ordering: I placed the order on the website and it was so easy and secure. One just has to create an account and place the order. The order details will be sent on mobile no.

Delivery:  I received my Tiramisu kit within 36 hours of placing the order as I placed it after 4 pm. [Schedule of Delivery time here].

Packaging:  The kit was well packed with proper branding. It was a big intact box with all the ingredients neatly placed in separate containers. The best part was the packaging of liquid items like Rum and Coffee mixture. It was packed in a container and then covered with plastic to avoid any leakage. Well done! 🙂


FotorCreated4Ingredients quality: 

I received 5 ingredients:

  • Amul Whipping Cream
  • Mixture of egg and mascarpone cheese
  • Mixture of rum and coffee
  • Cocoa powder
  • A pack of Vicenzovo Italian ladyfingers

All the ingredients were fresh and of finest quality. When you receive a box of Vicenzovo Italian Ladyfingers, you can yourself imagine the level of standards the brand is maintaining.Along with it a well written recipe note was also sent.



Since all the ingredients were handy and I only had to arrange my tools like whipping equipment, glass dish and cling film, I started preparing it as soon as I received. All the instructions were clearly laid down on the recipe note including the basic intricacies which one needs to take care.


Entire experience of preparing this beautiful dessert was imply wonderful. It was so easy as if I was preparing the structure with the blocks which children often love.

Had the same was introduced before, I could have not stayed away from home made Tiramisu for such a long time. I followed the recipe word by word and here it was –

The tanned beauty of this Tiramisu was to die for! 🙂 


[P.S: It’s upto you how you want to plate it. I used some choco-chips from my stock. :)]

As the recipe required  chilling time of 6-24 hours I put it aside in my refrigerator. It was mainly prepared for the evening get together so I was all sorted for the dessert requirements as I don’t know why but I was 100% sure of it’s success.

FotorCreated6Taste: As soon as my friends started pouring in, I told them my whole experience and can you imagine that they couldn’t even wait for 2 hours for the divine Tiramisu? So we had our dinner in this format  ::

Desserts –> Break of 1 hour –> Drinks / Starters —- And the night continued! 🙂

It was simply out of the World. Everyone gave it 5 stars and was craving for more. Though the recipe was meant for 10 but considering the sinful taste, if I had not put any restrictions, only the 4 people would have cleared it. 😀

Overall Experience: As I already mentioned above, I am not a sweets lover and avoid it maximum times. Moreover, being a recipe blogger and a self made Home Chef, I prefer preparing my recipes from scratch and from the finest ingredients available. Even a simple cocoa powder which I have to use will be freshly brought always. 🙂 Now, if I have ordered a kit, you can simply imagine how much influenced and confident I was to order it. All the ingredients were super fresh and authentic. Chef In A Box has not even took a slightest of chance while preparing the kit for particular chefs like us.

Taste was really authentic with perfect flavors of rum and coffee. Everything was near to perfection.

Cost: Initially I was little bit skeptical about the cost which is Rs. 1130/- for the ingredient box of Tiramisu but when I saw the quantity and witnessed the taste, it was worth. You go out to have Tiramisu for at least 200-250 for a small cup. If you are getting whole lot ( meant for 10 people) in Rs.1130, then isn’t it a best deal? 🙂

Scope of Improvements: It was all perfect. Just 1 thing which I felt was that it could be much better if we get a box of Rich’s Whipped cream instead of Amul Whipping Cream. As Rich’s whipped cream is much better to handle and will add extra touch while decorations. May be what they can do is to deliver it immediately after packing the ingredients as small packs of Rich’s cream is not available in the markets.






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