Crunchy Fruit Cream – Seasons in a jar!

Hola! What’s up with you all? 🙂 Winding up the year with lot many parties and loads of fun or simply sitting in your blankets with hot cuppa of coffee and some great movies?
This year had been awesome and wish you all the most beautiful year ahead. 🙂 Travel to places, Make friends, Eat good and just enjoy. Life is small…make the most out of it! 🙂


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Before the year ends, here I present my final recipe of 2015 which is super easy to prepare, treat for the eyes and will make you drool. No matter whether you are celebrating at your home or partying hard with your friends, this Crunchy Fruit cream will make you travel to gastronomical heaven in a blink of eye.



I have mentioned the tagline as Seasons in a jar because it’s a summery delight but it’s my favorite in winters also. I love the fog, cold mist, bonfire and something chilled to ponder upon. Let’s have a look on the recipe! 🙂

Serves – 2

Preparation time – 10 mins

Serving time – 5 mins


  • Sliced – Strawberries , Cherries, Blueberries and Pineapples.
  • 8 McVities biscuits – Grinded finely
  • Any cake sponge – in tiny pieces. [ I took my Christmas plum cake pieces ]
  • Rich’s cream – Whipped in white and pink color
    ( For pink color, you can use the food gel colors )
  • Decorators – Silver balls, Multi-colored balls etc.


  • Take a jar and arrange 2 spoon McVities grind at bottom.
  • Arrange slices of fruits over it.
  • Add cake pieces.
  • Take whipped white cream in an icing bag and put a layer of cream over it.
  • Repeat the steps 1 to 4 again.
  • Top it with whipped pink cream and decorate it with decorators and fruit slices.FotorCreated44
  • Crunchy fruit cream jar is ready! 🙂

Tip: You can add as many variations as you want. May be a handful of dry fruits like almonds and cashews or dark chocolate chips etc.

Bon Appetit! 🙂




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